All In Game makes planning and problem solving more engaging, enjoyable and effective. It helps teams turn ideas into actions. It makes planning fun.

All In Game enables up to 8 people to collaborate online, face-to-face, or both. It works through a browser. It is designed for hybrid working.

It offers a proven framework for creating action plans in real time as they work through the game. In 90 minutes, players create individual action plans without any external support. And they’ll enjoy doing it.

It makes meetings memorable and drives sustained improvement, at any level in your business.

It’s a game but not a toy. It’s based on a proven planning process and 20+ years’ serious game development experience.

It’s fun with a purpose and clear outcomes.

Why should you use All In?

It’s a more effective, enjoyable and creative alternative to traditional planning meetings. It enables teams to create individual written plans that address specific issues and strategies.

They must all work together to create these plans. There is a winner, but you can only win by working together.

The rationale for using All In Game can be summarised as:

  • We have been asked to do something important.
  • We will be judged on how well we do it.
  • We need to plan how we do it.
  • We can succeed if we work together.
  • All In is a safe space to explore what we must do.
  • All In is a private space to plan how we will do it.

How does All In Game work?

All In Game works through a web browser. Up to 8 people participate for 90 minutes.

Running a game session is very simple and anyone can do it. You just invite players to join the game through their browser, wherever they are.

It is self-contained, self-directed and doesn’t need external support.

‘If you can manage a team meeting you can manage All In Game’

Players must complete 6 quests. They do this onscreen so ideas can be shared, discussed and evaluated. Players document their progress in templates that become their action plans when the game ends:

  • OUR PURPOSE What do we need to achieve? What does the big-picture mean for us?
  • OUR BENEFITS What will improve when we achieve this? Why are we doing this?
  • YOUR ACTIONS Consider your key actions to make this happen. Choose the most important.
  • YOUR RESOURCES What do you need to make this happen?
  • YOUR INCENTIVES What will motivate you, and your team, to achieve this plan?
  • OUR MOMENTUM How will we support each other when we leave the game?

When should you use All In Game?

All In Game can be used in any situation requiring planning or problem solving. It is competitive and collaborative; an individual can only win if everyone works together. You won’t need external support because the team ‘owns’ and manages the process and the outcomes. It's ideal for:

Implement strategy
Define culture
Develop plans
Create alignment
Accelerate innovation
Deliver results

In a 90-minute session, up to 8 people will achieve real outcomes for your business. It can be used online, face-to-face, or both. It is designed for hybrid working. And it’s fun.